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Firstly it would be helpful for us to give you our definition of airsteps. Airsteps are creative and dynamic figures designed to add the wow factor to partner dance. They come in all shapes and sizes, and could be a small jump, a gentle lift, a dynamic throw, a high lift, or any other clever little trick where the follow leaves the floor.

The origins of airsteps are in Lindy Hop from the 1930s, they became a huge feature of rock'n'roll in the 1950s, and they are extensively used in Modern Jive competition in the present day. But airsteps work with many dance styles - the more quirky ones would enhance any performances of partner Charleston (see Strictly Come Dancing), and the more elegant ones can add some spice to Argentine Tango or Blues.

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We do everything possible to ensure your safety during our workshops, breaking down each move into manageable stages, and introducing spotters when there is an element of danger. However injuries can occur (as with any sport), so you must be prepared to participate at your own risk.
All workshops must be booked with a partner, and you will stick with your partner throughout the workshop. If you are looking for a partner for airsteps, we suggest you find somebody you connect well with on the social dance floor. Sorry we are not able to pair people up.

We treat airsteps more like a sport than dancing, and so you should come along wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Track suit bottoms and leggings are ideal, and dance trainers are much better than hard soled shoes. Girls will benefit from a long sleeved top for some of the moves.

Obviously it will help if you have a reasonable level of fitness, but gymnastic prowess is not necessary - our workshops are about having fun!

We take every step possible to ensure your safety throughout a workshop, but you must be aware there is an element of risk involved.

Our workshops are arranged by people on the Jive and Lindy scene. Whichever scene they are from slightly effects our choice of moves for that workshop, but does not mean that you must do that dance style to enjoy the workshop.

Please use the contact details associated with each individual workshop to discuss specific details or to make bookings. We limit the size of our workshops to 12 couples, so don't leave your booking till last minute.

A typical workshop lasts 3 to 4 hours, starting gently with small lifts and jumps. As the workshop progresses you will build up confidence in your own ability and trust in your partner. This should enable us to progress to some fairly dynamic action towards the end of the workshop.
In some workshops we bias the selection of moves to best fit into Jive or into Lindy, but we are careful not to exclude any style of dancer from any workshop.